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  • 2015 WEIDE BRAND New Universe Series UV1502

    2015 WEIDE BRAND New Universe Series UV1502More >

    WEIDE CEO Jack Tang, prepared some specialities of his hometown(Hunan province), which are  delicious. Also he rewarded the employees who worked hard for a year. And the favorite part is the exciting and interesting Lucky Draw, everyone enjoyed a lot.

  • 2015 New Universe Series UV1501

    2015 New Universe Series UV1501More >

    Finally, we WEIDE CEO Jack also sing a classic song for everyone, wish us a new year getting better and better.

  • 2015 New Universe Series UV1505

    2015 New Universe Series UV1505More >

    After the meeting, all of our staff, including colleagues at the WEIDE watch factory, had a dinner party together in Panyu District,Guangzhou, a restaurant with very special farm characteristics.