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Driving Dreams, Hold The Future2015/12/29

"Driving Dreams, Hold The Future"

--Brightec Group Brand eighth anniversary celebration

It is a special day for WEIDE team, because it is not only ushered in the people of WEIDE, who get together once again, more important is ushered in the Brightec Group Brand eighth anniversary birthday celebration. 2015, a special year, Although experienced the wind and rain, gain the harvest of the rainbow and gain the precipitation after the test . WEIDE growing up a year old in everyone’s witness.

Driving Dreams, Hold The Future

At the moment of collision of warmth and expectations, sow the sun in December; The dialogue in the autumn and winter season, blossoming fragrance of December. 8 years of hard work, brewing the world's smiling face; 8 years of pay, ushered in a new harvest. After eight years of aging, WEIDE company has brewed a pot of sweet wine. Over the past eight years, WEIDE has been to “let the time better”as the mission, stronger businesses. In a word, Thank you for all to support WEIDE .

Driving Dreams, Hold The Future

This celebration also gain the great interest and support of the community, There are representatives of distributors at home and abroad, For example,Malaysia smile meter Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Luo Hanjiang; Mr Jared Mesgar, president of part parto qeshm company and Mr keh tuan soon, CEO of NPP SB trading company. With representatives of various partners, including hundreds WEIDE supply chain partners ,the distinguished guests from all walks of life,and all the WEIDE team(a big family).

Driving Dreams, Hold The Future

The program of celebration activities also wonderful, there is full of festive opening percussion dance; has a group of combative WEIDE's soldiers brought wonderful team morale display, there are full of best wishes dance “blooming flowers”; has a pure and gentle original dance “peacock dance”; has WEIDE good voices brought a medley of songs.The most touching program is to help mother to wash feet, it is said that the largest pride of his parents, is to be able to see their children to get ahead, can be a contribution to society or company and do a valuable person.As the saying goes, parents are the greatest, WEIDE team with this celebration,in their own way to Thanksgiving parents, for their mother to wash feet .

Driving Dreams, Hold The Future

“Driving Dreams, Hold The Future”--Brightec Group Brand eighth anniversary celebration, all members work together to sing the song named“grateful heart” flagged down the perfect curtain at last.

Driving Dreams, Hold The Future

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