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3 kind of watch’s function’s resistant.2018/05/31

If a watch of quartz watch supplier have the function with water resistant,quakeproof and antimagnetic,then the watch’s performance should be match the regular of water resistant,quakeproof and antimagnetic.

If an anolog-quartz watch did not have a signal with waterproof,then put the watch into the water with depth (10-12) cm and keep this watch’s condition in 1 hour,the watch face should not have congealing fog,but the water will be have great destruction to watch’s circuit,people should notice prevent watch into the water environment when wearing quartz watch.

If a quartz watch and digital watch did not have the signal of quakeproof,if it shock with the speed within 3.13m/s,it should not be shake and destructed with this shaking.the quartz watch are always be destroyed with big shock.if the watch shocked degree exceed the normal,the watches will be fragmented.

If a quartz watch did not have the signal of antimagnetic,when putting the watch into the magnetic with 1600A/M,the watch inside will be have serious problem,so pls notice than do NOT put your watch near engine,electromotor and magnetic and so the thing with strong magnetic,that will be good for watch’s accuracy and usage.